1T Duplex Webbing Sling 1Mtr

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1 Tonne | Duplex Webbing Sling 1 Meter

Webbing slings are considered ideal hoisting slings for hoisting heavy duty load, rugged duties and work environments having extreme conditions. These types of slings provide higher durability along with offering high tensile strength. These webbing slings are available in different constructions and strength, so there is wide availability for various applications. Webbing slings are classified on the basis of a total number of wires that are attached together to make up a strand, and also on the number of total strands that are wrapped together around a core. Usually, if there are six strands in a webbing sling, it has around 36 wires in all. So, a sling has multiple wires and multiple strands as well. Webbing sling manufacturers provide different kinds of webbing slings.

Product Specifications :

  • 100% High Tenacity polyester
  • Single ply or double ply
  • With reinforced lifting eyes
  • Low elongation
  • Working Load limit : 1 Tonne

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